Throwback Thursday: Working through the Pain/Happy May Day, May 01, 2006

On throwback thursdays I am posting old posts from the blog I maintained from 2006-2009 titled A Black Girl. 

Below is one of the earliest posts I wrote regarding my experience.

Speaking of being tied to my body. Recent mornings have found me wincing in pain–a strange burning sensation where the incision from the operation is. I’m afraid I may have hindered the healing process, prancing around and gyrating my hips in my apartment (albeit with a cane). I simply can’t help the gyrating thing, Amel Larrieux’s new album makes it impossible not to. I want to avoid the strongblackwoman ideology, but really, recovering is boring! I mean, there is no need for me to put my life on hold any further. Really, where would we be if Frida had decided not to paint because of pain?

It is in fact, pain that makes life so vibrant. This is because the vibrancy of life is created through resistance. I resist being tied down by things I cannot control. Women, have for a long time, resisted the social implications which make living in the female body hard. There are so many layers of resistance that I have to break through–I have no time to be boggled down by my physical ailment! Of course I will take care but I will take it all as well!